The Bgirls are the newest addition to the Company and Rhimes is very excited about the development ladies of these ages will go through in this company. This is such a crucial time in a young lady’s life and whilst it has the potential to shape them, it is imperative that they learn about who they are, the power of team work, self respect and self evaluation. Rhimes offers one on one mentorship, as light as preferred or as deep as necessary. Whilst Rhimes has developed Mentoring skills throughout her growth it is something she is passionate about in her company especially her young people.


Within the Company the little ladies learn the foundations in all Hip Hop styles. They will be introduced to Jazz in their 3rd and 4th terms to build up their bodies, minds and awareness of versatility. BGirls will be performing in their first show on Saturday 6th June in Old street.


For more information on how to join please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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