B Squad


The B Squad.



The training ground for the gifted in dance and integral in personality.

Rhimes is constantly expanding the ground for new talent, potential talent and those wanting to grow and get serious about their dance craft. This is a place for the team to learn, develop and grow; maximising their potential. The ladies in BSquad are hungry and driven with a passion for dance and are encouraged by the force that is brought to them.

It is also very important within the company to develop your character, attitudes and have a strong awareness of self evaluation. Dance is a gift and a talent but your heart is who you are. There has to maintain strong team work principles as well as an encouraging and supportive environment.

The weekly training takes place every Friday 8pm-10pm in Central London. There are showcases as well as potential work that comes in for the Squad and depending on the required aim rehearsals increase throughout the week. Performance choices are selected on focus, determination, commitment and growth. It is vital that we learn how to work hard and be focused.


If you would like more information on the BSquad and how to join please use our contact page and send us an email.


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